Award Categories


Grade 10 - 12
Australian citizen or permanent resident
Not a native Indonesian speaker

Speaking time

4 - 5 minutes




The theme for NAILA 2023 is ‘Food’. Applicants may choose to present a speech on this year’s theme by answering the question “How does food bring communities together?” OR one of the topics listed below.

Tema NAILA di tahun 2023 adalah ‘Makanan’. Peserta dapat menyampaikan pidato yang berkaitan dengan tema tahun ini dengan menjawab pertanyaan “Bagaimana makanan menyatukan berbagai komunitas yang berbeda?” ATAU menggunakan salah satu dari topik-topik yang terpapar di bawah ini.

Learning outcomes

Achievement standard

Respond in evaluative, persuasive or reflective capacity
Exchange information, opinions and experiences in Indonesian
Understand aspects of the language and culture of Indonesian speaking communities
Familiarity with a range of complex vocabulary
Ability to use idiomatic expressions relevant to the themes prescribed

For a full rundown of achievement standards for the Senior Category, download the Information Pack.



How can we make Indonesian food more popular in Australia?

Bagaimana kita dapat lebih mempopulerkan masakan Indonesia di Australia??


Imagine you are celebrating a special event. What kind of food does your family prepare and what is its significance to the event?

Bayangkan kamu sedang merayakan sebuah acara spesial. Masakan apa yang keluargamu buat dan apakah signifikansi masakan tersebut terhadap acara tersebut?.


You have come across a feast of delicious Indonesian dishes. Develop a creative story of how you got there! Please note that the performance needs to be done in 1 take with very minimal editing.

Kamu telah menemukan sebuah pesta masakan Indonesia yang lezat. Buatlah kisah kreatif tentang bagaimana kamu menemukan pesta tersebut! Harap deperhatikan bahwa pembuatan video ini harus dilakukan dalam 1 kali pengambilan dengan pengeditan yang sangat minim

Marking Criteria

Our experienced judges will be marking video entries based on the following criteria:


Content and Structure (15/50)


Vocabulary and Grammar (10/50)


Delivery (10/50)


Audience Awareness/Enthusiasm (5/50)


Clarity of Expression (10/50)

Participants can also download the comprehensive Marking Criteria.

In 2023, NAILA has developed a range of speech topics tailored to seven award categories under this year's competition theme, 'Food', or 'Makanan'. Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with the competition's guidelines by checking this year's Information Pack.

Select your applicable award category from the tabs below to view individual speech topics: