Award Categories


Under 35 years old
Must be either a professional OR a teacher of Indonesian at an Australian school, university or TAFE
Australian citizen or permanent resident
Not a native Indonesian speaker

Speaking time

5 - 7 minutes




The theme for NAILA 2022 is ‘Relationships’. Applicants may choose to present a speech on this year’s theme by answering the question “How do you maintain relationships in a pandemic?” OR one of the topics listed below.

Tema NAILA di tahun 2022 adalah ‘Hubungan’. Peserta dapat menyampaikan pidato yang berkaitan dengan tema tahun ini dengan menjawab pertanyaan “Bagaimana kamu menjaga hubungan di saat pandemi?” ATAU menggunakan salah satu dari topik-topik yang terpapar di bawah ini.

Learning outcomes

Achievement standard

Demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between culture and language
Communicate proficiently in Indonesian through speaking, listening, reading and writing at levels commensurate with the language exit point from the major
Apply translation skills at the para-professional level
Demonstrate a critical approach to the reading of translated texts
Understand common journalistic styles and be able to translate them into the appropriate register in English
Explain theoretical issues related to translation and interpreting
Show an understanding of the role of the translator and interpreter in local and global communication
Utilise independent research skills exploiting both Indonesian and English sources
Express themselves well in a formal or informal register, appropriate to the situation and to the people to whom one is speaking
Read and understand newspapers and other texts in Indonesian
Engage with authentic Indonesian language media
Write in Indonesian in the appropriate style using the correct grammar and the vocabulary appropriate to the genre, contents and audience



What would be an excellent initiative that promotes two-way economic recovery in Indonesia and Australia?

Apakah inisiatif luar biasa yang mendorong pemulihan ekonomi dua arah antara Indonesia dan Australia?


In relation to the current decline of Indonesian language study in Australia, how is the study of Indonesian in Australia important for maintaining the Australia-Indonesia relationship? Why?

Dengan adanya penurunan minat studi Bahasa Indonesia di Australia saat ini, bagaimana studi Bahasa Indonesia di Australia penting untuk menjaga hubungan kedua negara tersebut? Mengapa?


One of the five pillars of the IA-CEPA is ‘connecting people’. How can we better connect Australian and Indonesian people of all walks of life and cultures?

Salah satu dari lima pilar IA-CEPA adalah ‘menghubungkan masyarakat’. Bagaimana kita dapat menghubungkan masyarakat Australia dan Indonesia dengan lebih baik dari semua lapisan masyarakat dan budaya?

Marking Criteria

Our experienced judges will be marking video entries based on the following criteria:


Content and Structure (15/50)


Vocabulary and Grammar (10/50)


Delivery (10/50)


Audience Awareness/Enthusiasm (5/50)


Clarity of Expression (10/50)

Participants can also download the comprehensive Marking Criteria.

In 2022, NAILA has developed a range of speech topics tailored to seven award categories under this year's competition theme, 'Relationships', or 'Hubungan'. Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with the competition's guidelines by checking this year's Information Pack.

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