Award Categories


For ALL Applicants:

Australian citizen or permanent resident
Not a native Indonesian speaker

For group performers:

Minimum 2 and maximum 4 participants per group, who each contributes substantially to the presentation

Speaking time

4 - 6 minutes




The theme for NAILA 2024 is ‘Innovation’.

Tema NAILA di tahun 2024 adalah ‘Inovasi’.


A judging panel will select no more than the top 5 video entries for uploading onto NAILA’s online voting platform. The finalists will be announced after the submission period has ended and links to their videos will be disseminated using NAILA’s mailing list and social media platforms. The general public will then have the opportunity to vote for their favourite video using the voting function of our website, as well as Facebook’s ‘like’. Voting will close prior to the winning entry being announced at the Awards Ceremony. If the winning entry is submitted by more than one individual, the monetary award may be shared between group members at their discretion.



The People’s Choice Award provides participants with the chance to showcase their skill at performing or presenting either individually or within a group.

There is significant freedom in your choice of performance or presentation, which may include (but are not limited to):

Dramatic performances such as a short original play, film or monologue.
Creative performances such as an original song, poem, dance or comedy routine.
Delivering an original translation of a famous Australian poem, with commentary.
Academic presentations such as debates or group discussions.
Demonstration of a traditional (Australian or Indonesian) ceremony, dance or handcraft.

Participants must use their own words; it will not be acceptable to merely recite someone else’s poem, song or skit. Creativity is highly encouraged! It is important to note that if there are multiple group members, each member of the group must contribute to speaking Indonesian.

Marking Criteria

Our experienced judges will be marking video entries based on the following criteria:


Content and Structure (15/50)


Vocabulary and Grammar (10/50)


Delivery (10/50)


Audience Awareness/Enthusiasm (5/50)


Clarity of Expression (10/50)

Participants can also download the comprehensive Marking Criteria.

In 2024, NAILA has developed a range of speech topics tailored to seven award categories under this year's competition theme, 'Innovation', or 'Inovasi'. Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with the competition's guidelines by checking this year's Information Pack