Award Categories


Grade 7 - 9
Australian citizen or permanent resident
Not a native Indonesian speaker

Speaking time

3 - 4 minutes




The theme for NAILA 2022 is ‘Relationships’. Applicants may choose to present a speech on this year’s theme by answering the question “How do you maintain relationships in a pandemic?” OR one of the topics listed below.

Tema NAILA di tahun 2022 adalah ‘Hubungan’. Peserta dapat menyampaikan pidato yang berkaitan dengan tema tahun ini dengan menjawab pertanyaan “Bagaimana kamu menjaga hubungan di saat pandemi?” ATAU menggunakan salah satu dari topik-topik yang terpapar di bawah ini.

Learning outcomes

Achievement standard

Can use and respond to questions using: i.e. siapa, apakah, berapa, bagaimana, apa, di/ke/dari mana
Express preferences using: i.e. saya suka, kurang/tidak suka, mau/tidak mau
Letter ‘R’ is trilled and consonant ‘C’ is pronounced correctly (ch)
Can use formulaic expressions: i.e. saya tidak tahu, maaf, saya tidak mengerti to sustain interaction at interview stage
Can describe qualities of appearance, colour, character and condition: i.e. tinggi, merah muda, lucu, panas
Use of conjuctions: i.e. dan, tetapi, karena, untuk
Can form sentences with S-V-O construction: i.e. saya mau bermain sepak bola
Can use simple base words (makan, minum etc), ber-verbs (bermain, belajar etc) and formulaic me-verbs (menonton, mendengarkan)
Refer to others using pronouns (saya, kamu, dia, mereka, Bu/Pak etc) and can use in possessive form (nya)
Refer to events in time and place using prepositions (pada, di, ke) and time markers (sebelum, sesudah, yang lalu, depan)
Wider awareness of the world and Indonesia’s place in it
Can exchange facts, ideas and opinions using questions such as: bagaimana, mengapa and untuk apa?
Range of me-verbs are used
Range of pronouns and noun forms such as: ke-an, pe- and pe-an can be used
Use of embedded clauses with ‘yang’ to expand ideas
Cohesion and interest created by use of conjunctions such as: misalnya, seperti, termasuk, yaitu
Refer to past (yang lalu, dahulu, dulu), present (sedang, sambil, sementara, sedangkan) and future (akan, mau, kalau, besok, masa depan)
Engage with others using formulaic expressions and fillers such as: maaf, mohon diulangi, saya kurang memahami, oh begitu! dan kamu? dengan siapa?



Imagine you are stranded on an island somewhere in Indonesia with someone you do not know. Describe some ways that you can develop a relationship with them!

Bayangkan kamu terdampar di sebuah pulau di Indonesia dengan seseorang yang tidak kamu kenal. Deskripsikan beberapa cara agar kamu dapat membangun hubungan dengan mereka!


Who is your best friend? Why and how did you meet?

Siapakah sahabatmu? Mengapa dan bagaimana kalian bertemu?


Your Indonesian friend plans to visit Australia for the first time. Convince them to come to your town/city.

Temanmu dari Indonesia berencana untuk pergi ke Australia untuk pertama kalinya. Yakinkan mereka untuk pergi ke kotamu.

Marking Criteria

Our experienced judges will be marking video entries based on the following criteria:


Content and Structure (15/50)


Vocabulary and Grammar (10/50)


Delivery (10/50)


Audience Awareness/Enthusiasm (5/50)


Clarity of Expression (10/50)

Participants can also download the comprehensive Marking Criteria.

In 2022, NAILA has developed a range of speech topics tailored to seven award categories under this year's competition theme, 'Relationships', or 'Hubungan'. Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with the competition's guidelines by checking this year's Information Pack.

Select your applicable award category from the tabs below to view individual spaeech topics: