Frequently Asked Questions

The topics are too hard for my students. How can we participate?

We have endeavoured to prepare topics that are suitable for each category while encouraging students to learn new vocabulary and perfect their grammar. If the topics are too difficult for your students, you can adapt or simplify them so that your students can participate by giving simple answers to explanations. The aim of the game is participation! We want participants to challenge themselves and have fun!

How do I incorporate the theme into my speech?

Applicants can incorporate the theme into their speech by mentioning the term ‘hubungan’ or by answering the question: ‘How do you maintain relationships in a pandemic?’

I don’t own professional equipment. Is this a problem?

Most participants record their videos on a mobile phone or laptop computer. We do not expect professional video entries. Ensure that the lighting is good and there is minimal background noise. If you do not have access to a mobile phone or computer, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist.

If my parent(s) are Indonesian, can I enter the competition?

Out award categories are only open to those who are NOT native Indonesian speakers. If you are unsure whether you speak Indonesian as a second language you should contact us so that we can assess your level of fluency and confirm your eligibility prior to entering the competition.

Can I submit entries with mistakes or video recording glitches?

We understand that working with video can be tricky and at times you may experience technical difficulties. We encourage participants to submit the best quality videos possible, but we will accept submissions that contain minor technical mistakes.

Will my video be made public?

Participants are asked to complete a consent form with their application giving NAILA permission to use their video entry and/or excerpts as video learning resources and in promotional material.

Can I use a topic that isn’t listed?

We encourage participants to stick to the topics that are allocated to each award category. Each topic can be interpreted broadly and participants are encouraged to adapt their response to provide a unique perspective. If you feel strongly about a topic that is not listed please email us to discuss whether we can accept your proposed topic. There is no guarantee that alternative topics will be accepted.

What should I do if I’m having trouble uploading my entry?

First, read our detailed instructions on how to upload your entry in this Information Pack or on the NAILA website. If you are still having trouble uploading your entry, please send us an email and we will attend to your technical difficulties as soon as possible. Participants who have trouble uploading entries and send us an email PRIOR to the submission closing time will not be penalised.

I have extenuating circumstances. Can I have an extension?

We endeavour to maintain a level playing field for all applicants by adhering to the deadline. However, if you have extenuating circumstances and need an extension please contact us so that we can assess whether an extension is possible.

What should I do if I need further information?

If you require further information, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we do not work regular business hours as our committee is made up of volunteers, therefore it can sometimes take a few days to receive a response.