In 2022, NAILA has developed a range of speech topics tailored to seven award categories under this year’s competition theme, ‘Relationships’, or ‘Hubungan‘. Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with the competition’s guidelines by checking this year’s Information Pack.
Select your applicable award category from the tabs below to view individual speech topics:
  • Prep – Grade 3
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Not a native Indonesian speaker
Speaking time: 1 – 2 minutes
Award: $200

The theme for NAILA 2022 is ‘Relationships’. Applicants may choose to present a speech on this year’s theme by answering the question “How do you maintain relationships in a pandemic?” OR one of the topics listed below.

Tema NAILA di tahun 2022 adalah ‘Hubungan’. Peserta dapat menyampaikan pidato yang berkaitan dengan tema tahun ini dengan menjawab pertanyaan “Bagaimana kamu menjaga hubungan di saat pandemi?” ATAU menggunakan salah satu dari topik-topik yang terpapar di bawah ini.

  1. Please describe one of your family members! What makes them special to you?
    Tolong deskripsikan salah satu anggota keluargamu! Apa yang membuat mereka istimewa untukmu?
  2. Making new friends is important! How would you introduce yourself to a new friend?
    Membuat teman baru itu penting! Bagaimana kamu memperkenalkan diri kepada teman baru?
Marking Criteria:

Our experienced judges will be marking video entries based on the following criteria:

  1. Content and Structure (15/50)
  2. Vocabulary and Grammar (10/50)
  3. Delivery (10/50)
  4. Audience Awareness/Enthusiasm (5/50)
  5. Clarity of Expression (10/50)

Participants can also download the comprehensive Marking Criteria.

Learning outcomes:

Achievement standard

  • Use of simple verbs (lari, makan, minum)
  • Basic vocabulary related to topics under control
  • Understanding of pronouns
  • Sounds such as ‘au’ (mau), ‘g’ (gemuk), ‘ng’/’ny’/’ngg’ and ‘k’ (tidak) can be pronounced
  • Can recognise and respond to basic questions (Apakah? Di mana? Kapan?)
  • Can state preferences (Saya [tidak] suka…)
  • Can create subject-focus sentences with a range of ber-verbs and formulaic me verbs
  • Can use simple possessives (Teman saya, Nama teman saya…)
  • Can describe events in time using ‘pada’ with whole numbers and days of the week
  • Conjunctions (dan, karena and tetapi) under control