The National Australia Indonesia Language Awards is excited to announce a new Award Category in 2017: Teachers’ Award.

The Teachers’ Award is open to Indonesian language teachers in Australia (including Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) who have submitted multiple entries to NAILA 2017 on behalf of their students. This Award is open to teachers to speak Indonesian as a second language.

Teachers are invited to submit a 2 – 4 minute speech addressing one of the three topics:

  1. How has participating in NAILA assisted your students and or enhanced your learning resources?
  2. Explain in simple clear steps how other teachers can get their students involved in NAILA.  You may like to include short interviews of your students or record the progress of your students’ preparation as interludes to your speech.
  3. What are the greatest challenges teachers in Australia face in encouraging Indonesian language studies? How can NAILA, the Government and the private sector assist to combat the decline in Indonesian language studies?

The winning entry will receive $1,000 for the teacher and $500 worth of teaching resources for your institute.

See the 2017 Information Booklet for further information.

For further questions please contact:

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