The National Australia Indonesia Language Awards is excited to announce a new Award Category in 2017: Junior Executive Award.

The Junior Executive Award is open to Australian citizens and permanent residents aged between 18 and 30 years who speak Bahasa Indonesia as a second language.

Participants are invited to submit a 5 – 7 minute speech addressing one of the three topics:

  1. “Once upon a time a young boy/girl lived in Indonesia …” Tell a non-fiction story in details that demonstrates the strength of the bilateral relationship.
    “Pada suatu ketika seorang pemuda/pemudi tinggal di Indonesia …” Ceritakan sebuah kisah non-fiksi dengan detail yang mencerminkan hubungan bilateral yang kuat.
  2. “All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.” Leonardo da Vinci. Discuss.
    “Semua pengetahuan kita berasal dari persepsi kita.” Leonardo da Vinci. Bahas.
  3. What are the three biggest hurdles we must overcome to strengthen the AustraliaIndonesia relationship? What are the origins of these hurdles?
    Jelaskan tiga tantangan terbesar yang kita hadapi dalam usaha mempererat hubungan Australia-Indonesia? Dari manakah tantangan-tantangan tersebut berasal?

The winning entry will receive an award of $2,500.

See the 2017 Information Booklet for further information.

For further questions please contact:

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