The Pidato Antarabangsa Bahasa Melayu (PABM) competition is an international Malaysian-Indonesian language speaking competition held in Kuala Lumpur each year, co-ordinated by the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. One tertiary student from each country across the globe is selected to represent their state in the PABM speaking competition.

All PABM representatives take part in a home stay program and speaking events throughout Malaysia. The competition offers prizes worth up to US$7,000 — and flights, accommodation and entertainment are included. It is an excellent opportunity for Malay and Indonesian speakers around the world.

For the past four years the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) has been responsible for selecting the Australian representative to the PABM using a competitive national preliminary round.

Commencing this year, in order to streamline the selection process and ensure that applicants have adequate time to prepare for the competition, NAILA’s Tertiary Award category will act as a preliminary selection round for the 2017 PABM competition.

All competitors who submit an application for the NAILA 2016 competition, regardless of where they place in NAILA, will be eligible to progress to round 2 of the PABM selection process. Candidates who do not submit an application to NAILA 2016 will not be eligible to progress to round 2 of the PABM 2017 competition.

More information on how you can become the Australian representative to PABM will be circulated via the NAILA and AIYA mailing lists in the coming weeks.

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